👋 Hey I'am Nicco, I help CPG brands to grow online and in retails.

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🙋🏻‍♂️ I am currently Seniro Director of Media & Omnichannel Marketing for Kettle&Fire managing a 7 figures marketing budget across DTC / Amazon and Retails (WMT/WFM/Instacart/Kroger and many more).

✨ On the side I launched a small 6 figures Shopify development agency called Qbrico, online courses on eCommerceTalks and a Shopify App called Magic Deals (Yes, I ❤️ hustling). I am the first and only Italian that launched a course on the official Shopidy accademy where there are people like Ezra Firestone & Tim Ferriss. The course (free) ****teaches you how to double your eCommerce revenue by optimizing 3 core KPIs.

💰I am interested in crypto, finance and business in general so I invested in startups doing great things:

🎙️Interviews / Podcast etc: